Need more room in your Loft space or a new Attic room with a Dormer Window

Blind Dormer on roofNeed more room in your loft space or a new Attic room. Then let A.J.H Building Contractors from Snodland add a Dormer to you roof. You may need to  get Planning Permission & you will need Building regulations approval first. To get an idea of what rules you will have to follow take a look at Loft Conversion on the Planning Portal  web site.
We would recommend that you contact Architecnique Architects based in Strood. They are members of the Royal Institute of British Architects so are fully insured.
The dormer structure built on your roof may have a window to give you extra light and new view. Or if the planners decide that you will be overlooking you neighbours it might be that you need to have a Dormer without a window called a blind dormer.
In this project below the attic room already had a window so all that was required was a blind dormer to give extra head height within the room.
Once scaffolding was installed to give us safe access to the roof. The roof tiles were removed & safely stored because some would be needed once the new dormer had been constructed.
Inside a new beam needed to be installed. On this occasion the Architect had specified a wooden beam, constructed of three 225 * 50 timbers ( 9" * 2") bolted together with timber connectors between each.
The loads on this beam would have been calculated by a structural engineer for your Architect & the calculations passed on to the Building Control dept at your local council. The design for your loft conversion would be different , some Dormers will require a steel beam instead of timber.
That's why it is vital for a project like this to have full plans ,structural calculations & building regulations in place prior to any work taking place.
Once to beam is in place & taking the weight of the roof, then the old rafters can be removed to enable the new Dormer to be constructed.
The walls of the dormer are now constructed, in this case only two walls were required. Roof timbers can then be attached & the whole structure covered in plywood.
The outside of a dormer can be clad in a range of coverings depending on what your councils planning department requires in you area. These could be either Timber boarding, Tiles, Slates,UPVC cladding or as we used in this case a cement based boarding with a pre coloured coating. The advantage of this is once installed you will not need to gain access to the roof to re paint it.
The top roof covering again can be either a roofing felt or as our client requested a Fibreglass roofing system also called GPR roofing system
 Once the dormer is finished the old roof tiles are replaced and new lead flashing installed.
Once the Dormer was at this stage we would then fill the internal structure with insulation , plasterboard and then decorate. But in this instance the client wanted to finish the internal works.
If you would like to extend your living space upwards then give us a call and have a chat. AJH Building Contractors here to help.


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